"You guys always say that "the way we do our yoga is the way we do our lives." Because of the world we live in, where people tend to do so much for others, or worry so much about what others think, they spend very little time on themselves. Some people view my commitment to my yoga as selfish, like "It must be nice to have so much time to do that." My response is "Everyone should do it. It should be required." I explain that I make time for my yoga because it feels like I need to do it not only for me, but for the world. The sooner we all get to know ourselves more and open up and learn to be more compassionate with ourselves, the sooner we can really bring that into our relationship with everyone and everything around us.

You guys always say that "the way we do our yoga is the way we do our lives." Because of the world we live in, where people tend to do so much for others, or worry so much about what others think, they spend very little time on themselves. Some people view my commitment to my yoga as selfish, like "It must be nice to have so much time to do that." My response is "Everyone should do it. It should be required." I explain that I make time for my yoga because it feels like I need to do it not only for me, but for the world. The sooner we all get to know ourselves more and open up and learn to be more compassionate with ourselves, the sooner we can really bring that into our relationship with everyone and everything around us.

The blend of physical challenge with lots of spirituality and meditations has had a huge impact on me. I am a small business owner and most days I wake up feeling tired and achy, even if I got a good night's sleep. The rushing, the long hours on the computer, not to mention the mental stress and anxiety that come with my work, take their toll. But if I can fit my yoga classes in, it makes a huge difference. I can maintain my crazy schedule and not feel like I got hit by a bus. Not only that, but days when I talk myself out of yoga, convincing myself that I don't have the time, I wind up spending the afternoon exhausted and unproductive. Whereas if I do go to yoga, I walk out feeling amazing and so grateful I went.

It doesn't matter what I bring to my yoga, I always feel better afterwards. I may walk into class feeling rushed or anxious, thinking "let's just get this over with so I can get home and make dinner." But that shifts. Through the poses and the guided meditations, which have been amazing, I begin to loosen up. I allow myself to open to what I'm feeling - even if it's opening to feeling shitty, or opening to hating something, or not wanting to do something. The more I open the better I feel. My perspective shifts and I don't feel overwhelmed by my life and my "to do" list anymore. By the end of class, I feel like a million bucks. I feel like I can conquer anything I set my mind to. That confidence then ripples throughout my entire life.

Instead of barreling through work situations, I've learned through my yoga, to slow down and nurture relationships. It's really helped my flow. We all get into a much better, more collaborative place (as opposed to pointing fingers), and as a result we are more productive. My confidence has allowed me to bridge gaps as opposed to the fighting or fleeing I used to do.

Because I've learned to be more compassionate with myself, I have been able to bring that compassion to my relationships. It's helping me understand people more which helps me get along with them better. I'm no longer being super critical and judgmental in my head.

Turbodog is truly amazing. I feel so loved and cared for that sometimes I want to cry in savasana because I'm so touched. I found some really great people and such a great community. I feel so lucky to have this!" – Maria Farhatt, July 2013
Warrior of The Month: Maria Farhatt
"Since I began coming to Turbodog 1 year ago, I've become so much stronger all over. I find myself throughout the day aware of my body, and able to change my posture. This practice has made me more conscious and has helped me move around better. Both of my knees are bad, particularly the right one, which was injured. I've been able to strengthen it so much that I can do things I thought I would never do, and in fact, things I couldn't do even before the injury. Mentally and emotionally I'm more in tune with an internal strength. The practice has taught me how effective connecting to my breath is in terms of dealing with my old habits, fears, negative thoughts. In my life each day there are countless moments where people are super stressed out and dumping on each other, and that stuff just rolls off me now. I know it's because of the yoga -- working on releasing things, letting emotions come and go and not holding on to them. I'm also much more grounded, more careful with my body and with my choices. I feel like things have slowed down and I'm able to process a lot more as a result.

My heart has been more open too, pretty much all the time. I like sharing that with people. I'm "the happy guy" at work now. Before I was more stuck inside my head, whereas now I'm living more thru my body. That's something that I was aware that I wasn't doing but didn't have the tools to change before.

I've also been less bogged down in the relationships in my life. I generally have strong opinions and perfectionist tendencies. Intense would be a good word to describe me at times. My practice has helped me shift how I communicate, from instructing people about things they should do to expressing how I care for them. Now I'm able to share something meaningful with those around me more readily. I'm more open and genuine, truthful.

When you gave me the "woohoo" practice, I had already figured out that expressing myself more freely was an issue I wanted to confront. I had feelings of frustration, disappointment with myself, discouragement because I wouldn't let loose. After practicing the "Woohoo" for a couple of months, things have really changed, so much so that now you might even catch me singing to myself.

I love everybody at Turbodog. I'm so glad I came here. I remember reading about the studio, but for some reason, it took me so long to start coming to class. The community is awesome! Everyone is so supportive. Because of the full range of emotions and experiences that we all go through together in the practices there's a much deeper connection between people. It's really cool." – James Raspanti, June 2013
Warrior of The Month: James Raspanti
"Since I've been practicing at Turbodog, I have grown to be more patient with my body and where it's at. I am able to not push myself as hard as I usually do. I'm definitely an adrenaline junkie. Sometimes my body says "I don't want to go there today." And I'm getting to a place where I'm ok with that and not pushing beyond where my body wants to go. Physically my body is responding in that I'm definitely stronger and more open.

It's allowing me to have a more positive relationship with myself. My mind is always telling me to push and that I should be stronger. Now instead of judging myself harshly, I am learning to be much kinder to my body, much more accepting. While this doesn't happen every day, it happens more often than it used to.

The other day my back was achy. What Talya said about our injuries flaring up this time of year and how our yoga is a chance to take care of ourselves really resonated with me. I was so proud of myself for choosing to practice more gently that day. Before I would have left crying, thinking "I didn't do enough. What's wrong with me?"

I am working on bringing this practice of kindness and acceptance into other areas of my life too. I am a perfectionist and am constantly striving to be the best and make sure that everything is right. For example when I'm immersed in a project I'm doing at work, I'm able now sometimes to step back from it and remember that it doesn't have to be perfect. I can work from a place that is more present and focused rather than forward thinking all the time.

I love coming to Turbodog. The space is so welcoming and calming. The minute I walk in I can take a deep breath and know that I'm in a safe place and that I'm welcome. And I love the meditations we've been doing. They are such a great addition to the practice. My mind is always racing and it takes a little more for my brain to calm down, so I really appreciate having that space at the beginning of class. Plus, I find that the meditations are giving me more to focus on during my practice, so I'm getting more out of the whole experience. And the fact that the themes continue for a month or so gives me lots of opportunity to explore these realms more deeply.

I love the creativity brought into each class. You guys are always coming up with awesome new moves and it never gets monotonous. It's making me much stronger in places I didn't know I had!

I get the most out of the classes at Turbodog, so I don't go anywhere else. I feel like I'm going on a journey, and every class I'm discovering something new about myself and my body. And you just can't beat the level of care. You guys are so good about giving attention and assists and looking after the needs of each student. I leave feeling refreshed and proud." – Sarah Hagye, November 2012
Warrior of The Month: Sarah Hagye
"Turbodog is the only place I've ever been to that has given me so much personal attention.  I don't just mean superficial pose details, like "Use the other foot."  Every teacher at Turbodog knows each student, and even when a class is really full, I feel like any given teacher will look around and pick the student who needs the most attention at that moment -- maybe because that person is struggling or because the teacher perceives that with some personal attention that student could really advance.  This happens more at Turbodog than at any other place I've ever been, including personal trainers.  It's a depth and quality of personal attention that allows the students to really advance.

I keep coming back because I keep progressing.  When I would just go to the gym, I never got past a certain plateau.  I feel like at Turbodog I constantly grow to higher levels.  We spent about a month focusing on the serratus anterior muscle, and after that month I immediately noticed how my arms were feeling stronger in places that had never felt strong before.  All of a sudden one day I felt like I jumped to the next level and those new muscles were able to do things like Handstand.  It wasn't like we spent the entire month working towards Handstand; we were simply strengthening core parts of the body that are helpful in the long run for lots of different things.

I think a lot of times in life we do things that we're naturally good at because it's easier.  And we advance in those things, but only to a point.  We advance faster when we start doing things that we are not naturally good at.  You guys do a lot of things that I'm not naturally good at.   I had never experienced the kind of ab work that you teach.  During all my football years, I did sit-ups forever.  I can do a million sit-ups, but it was only 1 set of muscles that got really strong.  I think in life we learn to use, as crutches, the things that are strong to support the things that aren't so strong, and so some of those weak places never develop.  In most of life I feel that we are a lot better off getting a more well-rounded self.  If you have a bunch of muscles working together it's easier and more efficient than just having 2 strong muscles trying to do it alone.

So now when I try to do things, whether in yoga or in everyday life, it's easier. When I'm at work and have to reach for some heavy case, it feels like everything is working in conjunction with everything else and I can lift the case without strain.  Even my reflexes are better.  In yoga, getting into Handstand for the first time several weeks ago was easy too.  It was inspiring and made me want to come to class more.   I had been working Down Dog on the Wall for a long time, using this "downlevel" to build the necessary strength toward Handstand.  I wasn't interested in struggling just to be in the pose -- I waited until I actually felt strong enough to do the pose with integrity.  I really appreciate that I wasn't asked to go from 0 to 10, but was given these intermediary steps.  I was then shown a way to uplevel Down Dog on the Wall and use it to strengthen serratus in a big way.  I did this for several classes and felt like there was a real advancement in strength as a result.  Then I felt like I was ready for Handstand. There was no fear because I knew I was physically ready.

I've been to other yoga classes where all the communication is one-way, i.e. only the teacher speaks.  It's not that there is chit-chatting at Turbodog, but there are little bits of talking to the teacher that make the experience more collaborative.  For example, the teacher will ask for feedback about what a particular student is feeling or whether an assist is helpful, and that communication helps me progress much faster.

At Turbodog you can get about as strong of a workout as possible.  I really like that.  It's a place where I can get spiritual growth and a lot of strength training too.  I feel like I'm advancing myself physically in ways that are going to last a long time. When my life gets really busy and I have to miss yoga for a couple of weeks, I don't lose all the progress I've made.  That speaks volumes about how we work.  It's lasting change.

At the end of each class  when my muscles finally get to relax I really welcome Savasana which was never the case in other yoga practice.  Often there is a place of bliss I find that I've rarely found anywhere else.  I guess a place "that I've rarely found anywhere else" is how I would describe my overall experience at Turbodog. " – Frost, October 2012
Warrior of The Month: Frost
"It's hard to remember what I was like before I started practicing at Turbodog because the changes I've experienced have become such a part of who I am. I know that I was very shy, self-conscious, very self-critical, and not trusting of myself. I had a sense that I always needed to be perfect. I never gave myself room for mistakes. I started practicing with you in the middle of a big heartbreak, and over these past 2 years my practice at Turbodog has been integral to my healing and transformation. My personal and professional lives have completely shifted and reflect these changes!

I used to spend a lot of time in my head analyzing and reanalyzing and planning things out in the future and rehashing things from the past... At Turbodog I learned to be present in my body and to feel what is happening inside. One major thing I learned from that is to put my needs first, because constantly putting someone else's needs first eventually makes me feel empty and resentful. I learned to take care of myself and love myself, which then enables me to love those around me in a way that feels more true. Once I started to be comfortable in my own skin, without a partner, I overcame much of my fear around opening up and being vulnerable. I now trust myself, and I know that I am strong enough to hold myself. And I know that if I make a mistake and fall, it's not the end of the world. So handstand is now a breeze!

Letting go of control and learning that I have this strength has allowed me to call an amazing man into my life. Our communication is so free and open and easy. It feels safe and mutual and happy. There's nothing I need to force. I've never experienced anything like this before. He takes me for exactly who I am and is always supportive. And I know the reason this happened is because I was finally able to take myself for exactly who I am.

In my career, I'm becoming more authentic also. I recently got laid off. This isn't the first time. In 2001 I was laid off from a different job, and I was so scared that I immediately took the first thing I could. This time it feels very different. The work we've been doing in class lately regarding abundance, letting go of want, and getting comfortable in the not-knowing is really good for me right now as I transition in my professional life. I'm not as freaked out about not knowing where my paycheck will come from next month as I was in the past. It's been the best thing! I've had this time to feel into what I really want to do. I've been figuring out how to make a living in a way that is congruent with what I want, with my gifts, my desires, my talents. Now I'm more willing to take risks, more trusting of my instincts. I'm not settling anymore for things that don't resonate with me. I had to learn to trust that I was allowed to be myself, that I have value as myself. And my work now is about trusting that everything will shake out like it should.

I love practicing at Turbodog. It feels like a caring community, and I'm happy to see the same people all the time. You two are the best teachers I've ever come across, and it feels to me like a really safe space. I feel that you are incredible guides and that I am allowed to do whatever I need to do in my practice. This keeps me moving forward!" – Kate Tummelson, August 2012
Warrior of The Month: Kate Tummelson
"I'm very type A and I have great expectations. I must excel at everything I try. My habit was to beat myself up and push myself. I used to believe that unless I did an hour of cardio each day, I was not a full and complete person. Now I understand that that wasn't a smart way of working with my body. I'm in better shape today, because of my yoga, than I was back then. And as a bonus, when I walk out of yoga I feel calmer, and I also feel like I've got more reserve, more energy.

One day in class you saw me indulging my old struggle behavior, and you said to me "You know, you'll still be loved even if you can't do this pose." And that just really got to the core of what I needed to address in order to move forward. I'm now kinder with myself, and I no longer define myself by whether I do a certain pose. Who was I impressing by cramming my leg behind my head when it wasn't ready? Who was I trying to please? I've learned that I'm an ok person and I kinda like myself a little bit more because I'm not beating myself up, not judging myself anymore. I used to be a huge judge. I feel like my judge has quieted and it's a wonderful place to be. Your guidance and your willingness to work with me to help me figure out what is happening on an emotional level is something I would not have gotten practicing either on my own or somewhere else where the practice wasn't geared so much toward that healing component.

Additionally, one of the things I love about practicing at Turbodog is that even though I may have done a particular pose a million times before, you will share something new that you discovered about that pose, and that helps me rediscover it or go deeper. You offer your insights without dogma, like "Hey this might work for you, try it. If it works for you, that's great. If it doesn't, it doesn't. No problem." And that is a great attitude because if it doesn't work, I don't feel like there is anything wrong with me.

I've been practicing with Steve and Talya for about 5 years nearly every day because I would go crazy otherwise! I find that if I don't practice, I feel like a piece of me hasn't come alive. And I only practice at Turbodog because Turbodog is a welcoming place that feels like my family. I know and love the people there. And there are no better teachers -- which isn't to say that there aren't great teachers out there. Turbodog lets me embrace my type-A personality in a safe way. The practice can be as intense as I want it to be physically, or I can pull it back as I need to. It has helped me stay healthy and strong as I get older. You guys are very good at observing and knowing how to use the poses to help what ails me, and that's the beauty of it. It's not like I'm just going to a random class. You know where I am physically, and you can tell where I am mentally. To me that's a great gift, and I don't know a lot of people who have that. Sometimes I hate it too because I can't hide. I can tell "Oh damn, they figured it out." I've never been in a practice that's touched on so many points - the emotional, physical, the challenge, the kindness, the food for thought, and the encouragement to just feel. As a result, one of the greatest gifts I've gotten is that the stuff I used to use as ammunition against myself has shifted into being simply "good information" (as you call it) that helps me make better decisions for myself both on and off the mat. " – Andrea Brands, July 2012
Warrior of The Month: Andrea Brands
"I was working really late one night and my 11-year-old daughter said to me "It's so great that you love what you do.  Why did you ever do that other job?"  "I don't know," I replied.  "Don't ever do something you hate."  And she said "I'm not going to..."

Rewind about 9 years.  I began practicing with Steve in 2003, and with Talya in 2004. I'd done other forms of yoga including vinyasa and ashtanga and I still, every once in a while go and try other classes, but nothing else really resonates with me.  Turbodog Yoga has such a strong mind-body connection, and there is so much healing work that happens because of the physical and emotional connection...  It's a much deeper and richer form of yoga than anything else I've experienced.

This yoga has been such a journey for me.  I had to go through a lot of yucky stuff in order to get to the good stuff.  It's been really gratifying to see the fruits of my labor.  When I was considering leaving my job and was really scared, yoga gave me confidence to be in the unknown and to not have it be such a scary thing.  For example balancing in an inversion without the wall felt scary, because I didn't feel like I had support or security.  And Steve always said to me "Ann you're strong enough to do it.  The only reason you can't do it is because you think you can't."  And it's true.  I've been learning to take that leap of faith, to believe that I can do things like balancing in inversions, like change jobs, like trusting myself because I am strong enough.  And that had a huge impact on my life.

Yoga has always given me a place to get in touch with my truth, and during that time at my old job, my truth was that I was seriously unhappy.  Your classes helped me figure out why I was unhappy, and opened up a window to help me feel into what I really wanted to do, a life that was more inspiring.  I would go and practice and feel good about myself.  In my practice I could feel how I wanted to feel all the time, I would feel like me, authentic and inspired, and so I knew that what I was feeling the rest of the time was not "normal".  I knew that I could feel different.

Private sessions with Talya helped me figure out what I wanted to do.  I discovered that I just wanted to make jewelry!  So much of what Steve & Talya teach is that the poses are not about "doing it right," they are about how you feel.  So even though I didn't have the answers of how I was going to start this jewelry business, I knew it made me feel really good, so I knew I was moving in the right direction.

And then I made the leap of faith, off my mat.  I quit my job and started designing my own jewelry as a business.  When I first did it, so many women come up to me saying that they wished they had the courage to do what I was doing.  People started really responding to my jewelry.  I think they feel connected to my work because it comes from the core of who I am; it expresses who I am.  Turbodog Yoga plays a huge role in helping me design my pieces.  I can feel that when I don't practice there is a lot of blockage in my energy, physically and creatively.  When I practice a lot, things just flow out of me, whether it's designing or making wise business decisions.  I am able to step into my authentic self, so I know clearly what I want to express.  Turbodog is where I get centered and put everything that's going on in my life into perspective so that I can make the right choices for what I want.

I don't want to live with regrets.  And even if nothing else comes of my business, I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I get to live in way that makes me feel good and I get to show my children that they can do whatever they want.  I feel more energized, connected, and alive knowing that I'm creating a life that I want to live. " – Ann Chikahisa, May 2012
Warrior of The Month: Ann Chikahisa
"The biggest gift I've received from practicing at Turbodog is learning how to make things easy. I'm a master at forcing, always have been -- whether it's relationships, my body or my career -- I've tried really hard to fit myself into a mold. And it never worked. I wound up unfulfilled in my relationships, working my poses ineffectively and going from job to job. That's all been changing thanks to my time at Turbodog Yoga.

I practice at the studio approximately 3 times a week. All the personal attention I receive during class has helped me learn how to change the poses to make them fit my body, rather than attempting to fit my body to the pose. Oftentimes this means "downleveling" the pose, i.e. making it easier. The result has been that I get much more out of it than before. Two simple, but profound, examples are: both Steve & Talya have suggested that I work Dolphin with my knees down since my shoulders are so tight. They saw that I would struggle with the pose and not be able to shift my weight into my legs. Keeping the weight forward meant that I was never able to engage my shoulder muscles very well and could never stretch and open them. Since working Dolphin with the knees down, everything around my shoulder joints is turning on and my shoulders are changing. And let me tell you, I'm not sure why it's called a "downleveling", because it is just as hard, if not harder, than working Dolphin with the knees up. Similarly with Abdominals. Anne has been helping me figure out how to do the abs in a way that works for my body. We've been trying endless variations and have finally found what works. Now I actually feel my abdominals. I am strengthening them and am going much deeper into them, even though I'm doing an "easier" version of the pose.

This new way of working has helped me connect to myself in a deeper way too. For the first time in my life it feels like I'm truly connected to and can feel my body. And I'm using that connection to help me make choices. Decisions have always been challenging for me because of my tendency to try to figure it out with my brain, which leads to over-analyzing. Recently I have been able to feel my "gut-feeling" about things, and use that feeling to make a choice. Making good choices is much easier now. My body offers a clarity that my brain never has. I know what the right choice is and I can make it confidently. Recently, I've used this newfound connection to help me choose to leave a long-standing relationship I had been agonizing over, for what felt like forever, and to begin a new relationship which is much more in alignment with what I really want. And because I listened to my body, it was easy!

Turbodog is so special! In addition to the amazing teachings and growth I have experienced, it is also a place that feels like family. Many yoga studios say that they are about community, but at Turbodog you actually feel that it's true. I have met and connected with more people at Turbodog than at any other studio I've ever practiced in, and I've been practicing yoga for years. Thank you Turbodog! " – Stacy Armistead, April 2012
Warrior of The Month: Stacy Armistead
"When I first started coming to Turbodog - my first week or even my first month - it was very intimidating because it was something that was difficult for me and I felt like everyone here was so much better at yoga than me. And sticking with it can sometimes be the most challenging part because I think I tend to avoid things that are challenging for me, or that I think I might not be so naturally good at. But what I learned is that even though it may be scary to start, I just have to start and then stick with it. Now I feel so comfortable here, and instead of placing myself in comparison to others in the class, I just think of them as the people I do yoga with, and I'm more focused internally. As a result, I find myself getting to celebrate my accomplishments. Thanks to my attention being inward, I can now spot even little changes, which then have a bigger celebration attached to them!

Through my yoga here I've also learned patience. I've learned that small movements, gradual with time, add up to these big accomplishments. It's like in Archer. Even though I can now clasp on both sides, my one side still needs to move slower, inch by inch, little by little, until it gets there. And so just like yoga is something that comes in time, other things come in time too.

I've also learned acceptance, and that acceptance equals freedom from suffering. Sometimes in relationships I'll think to myself "Why can't this person just change?" But I've learned that no good comes from that kind of thinking. In my yoga I can ask as much as I want "Why can't my right side be just as open as my left side?" But so what? Will that actually change anything? So instead I learned to accept that "you are where you are and you're at where you're at." Similarly, people are who they are and I can either accept them or not, and I've learned that it's so much easier to just accept people for who they are. Acceptance brings me freedom from suffering and it allows me to even see the beauty and the gifts of that person or that situation.

And I learned that sometimes, things just click and that not everything has to be an uphill battle. Like recently I "got" how to do arm balances like scissors and 1-legged crow. It was so nice to feel like it just "happened". Even though I know that what made it "just happen" was my consistency with my practice. I come at least 4-5 times a week and I can feel how strong I'm getting. My abs and shoulders are so much stronger than they used to be. It's so nice to feel really strong, and especially for a female I feel that when you feel strong, you feel confident, and that's a great feeling to have.

I'm a firm believer in "you shouldn't do things that don't make you happy" and practicing here at Turbodog makes me happy. And I love the atmosphere at the studio. Here people say "hi" and want to get to know my name. It's a really nice community with such a great varied mix of people. It's so inspiring to me to see people who are much older than myself, still doing yoga. And it makes me realize that even though life is always changing, yoga can be this one steady thing in my life that can always be there; it's something I can carry with me and it's adaptable to wherever I am in my life. Thank you Turbodog Yoga!" – Lauran DeCeault, March 2012
Warrior of The Month: Lauran DeCeault
"A little over a year ago I started attending yoga classes at my gym to break up the monotony. I'd tried it before but had been too restless or impatient. This time it was different. But I didn't just like any class, I was drawn to one particular class. I thought it was the teacher, and it was, but it was also the style of yoga; something about it spoke to me.

Prior to taking that class at the gym, I had a rough few years. I had moved around a lot and worked jobs where the atmosphere was loaded with disrespect and toxicity. I felt that my job was a reflection of who I was. If I wasn't respected there, then maybe I wasn't worthy of respect at all, from others or myself. In March of last year, the migraines that had been occurring since I was eleven increased in intensity and frequency so that they can only be described as epic. On top of that, my shoulders began to ache, whine, crunch and pinch. They were numb and stiff at first and then sore all day.

I found Turbodog Yoga, a studio devoted to the yoga style I resonated with, and told my boyfriend that I was going to check it out. To my surprise, he wanted to go with me! Going to yoga together has deepened our relationship immensely because it has opened up an ongoing conversation about how our body reacts to events in our lives. I feel that because of sharing our practice, I know him better and appreciate him more.

Since June, I attempt to go three to four times a week. There have been a few weeks that I haven't gone at all and my body begs me to get back to it. When I return, my shoulder pain decreases because I now know that I don't need to argue with my pain. I can activate my serratus and make a safe place for my neck and shoulders to relax. I can breathe into areas of my body whereas before, my breath was quite shallow. On top of that, I began to have greater confidence in myself and felt more grounded. This new sense of self helped me to transition to a healthier workplace.

My headaches continue, but the last time I had one, I turned on my ujjayi breath. After about ten minutes, a miracle occurred and my pain decreased enough that I could peel myself off the floor. My stomach wasn't nauseous, the panic caused by the pain subsided. In twenty four years, I have never once been able to do anything to make my headache go away. Although the headache and it's after effects continued for close to a week, my relationship to the pain changed. I returned to yoga class and connected with breath more than ever before. Although I would be so excited to finally get into handstand or some other challenging pose, it feels great just to be involved in a community created by people who care deeply about what they do. " – Alix Burns, February 2012
Warrior of The Month: Alix Burns
"The word 'breakthrough' took on an entirely new meaning for me since joining Turbodog. As my asana practice has become more consistent, practicing yoga now 3-4 times per week, I've experienced physical and mental openings that continue to change me profoundly. I've learned to make big tasks small and small tasks big by shifting my focus from getting into the overall pose and fighting through it, to picking apart the small intricacies, putting them together, and breathing. I've gotten into three 'new' poses in three days - one legged crow, feet behind the head, and scissors - two of which I've never even tried before! Scissors was a pose that always gave me trouble, as my mind would jump from hand placement, to a choppy breath, to wrist pressure, to forcing my shoulders down, to the positioning of my legs. My 'breakthrough' scissors was totally different: instead of thinking, I FELT my hands root into the earth, I FELT the alignment of my upper back and legs, and my focus was on the breath. There was a moment, an apex, where the pose was just happening - I had no sense of self, no awareness of legs or arms - it actually felt like floating. I found a place of calmness, a place of inactivity within activity.

For me, the breakthrough wasn't the actual pose, but rather perceiving the pose as a tool to get breath into new places. The pose ultimately felt effortless, and my tipping point occurred before the pose even started - removing the preconceived notion of difficulty - just approaching the pose step by step, blending with breath and subtle movement. Thinking fast and moving slow.

For 2.5 years I practiced yoga only once a week and my body remained tight and stiff. In the last 6 months I've started coming to class more often. I've discovered that when I practice 3-4 days in a row things begin to loosen up and the practice no longer feels like "work." Rather than fighting with my body to remain in the poses, it feels like I can explore the stretches and the space they create. I always thought that yoga was like other forms of exercise where break-days were necessary. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that yoga works best when it is practiced consecutively.

These breakthroughs have poured over into my life off the mat, having brought profound physical changes such as more restful sleep, an instinctive diet change, and I sometimes even catch myself smiling at absolutely nothing! I've learned to distinguish between situations that drain my energy and those that strengthen it - something I was previously unable to recognize.

Mentally, I've become more spirited and much less timid. Others have noticed it more than I have. I recently met up with an old friend who, after our conversation, wanted to fire her therapist and hire me via Skype, so obviously my sense of humor continues to grow! Life is coming into balance in a way that it never has in the past, and my practice is the driving force behind that balance. The feeling of true core strength, mental and physical, and the sense of accomplishment is beyond rewarding and I wish to express my gratitude to the Turbodog community for creating such a powerful presence and an amazing place to practice. I can't wait to see what further openings and breakthroughs come from the Untethered Joy retreat I'm attending with Steve & Talya in Puerto Vallarta next month." – Rudy Minasian, January 2012
Warrior of The Month: Rudy Minasian
"In my life I am often in the position of caring for others. I give to my husband, my sweet rambunctious kids, my friends, my clients, and my students on a daily basis. As a caregiver, I know that in order to be any good at any of these roles that I have to take care of myself first. As you can imagine, my life is fast paced and when I gave myself the time my workouts tended to be fast paced as well. I found that my spirit, mind and body were constantly racing. In the past year I have been listening to the voice that has been telling me to slow down and actually feel, sit with, listen to and savor myself, my life. I explored several types of yoga and Turbodog Yoga resonated for me immediately. I appreciate the ability to focus on my breath, to hold poses and sit with and breathe through the sometimes difficult or exhilarating feelings that come with them and the delicious heat.

Since I started at Turbodog in September, I come to yoga 3-4 times a week. Several years ago, I tried yoga with a friend. Even with blocks, I could not hold downward facing dog. My belief was that I was not strong enough for yoga. I held that belief for years. With a consistent practice, I have been amazed to see how strong I really am. Now, I am not only doing downward facing dog, but downward facing dog on the wall. I am consistently more aware of my breath and find myself taking moments out of my day to relish the ability to breathe deeply and fully. I realize more now how I tend to hold tension in my jaw, neck and shoulders and so I remind myself to relax several times a day. My mind tends to race and wander less and when it does, I am less judgmental with myself in guiding myself back to the present moment. In setting an intention for each practice, I give myself the time and space to focus on my own needs, wishes and desires. It is my time to give myself the care and attention that I offer to others.

Two years ago I lost one of my best friends to breast cancer. It was a devastating time in my life and a wakeup call. For years I had been on the go and had not paid attention to the physical self with which I have been blessed. I went through a period of time where I could not take a deep breath. I had learned the healing power of breathing during both of my natural pregnancies, but I did not truly tap into it past the births. One of my essential learnings at Turbodog Yoga has been the therapeutic wonder that is breathing. It is simple, yet profound. I get to breathe." – Cynthia Langtiw, December 2011
Warrior of The Month: Cynthia Langtiw
"I'm a runner. Over the years, most of my running injuries occurred as a result of weak core and hips. I started going to Steve & Talya's classes 3 years ago as a way of dealing with minor running injuries, and I found that all my muscle knots would be smoothed out after a 1.5-hour class with Talya.

When Steve & Talya first opened Turbodog, I stopped going to their classes because the location was too far for me. I was training for the Chicago Marathon and began doing other strength building exercises that I believed would work as well as the yoga had. I was wrong. About a month before the marathon I injured myself. I kept training and even ran the marathon with a very painful piriformis muscle. After the marathon, with the injury not going away, I decided that I needed to go back to yoga. I returned to Turbodog and within one week the hip pain was completely gone. As a runner, this form of yoga is the best injury prevention there is!

For 2.5 years I practiced yoga only once a week and my body remained tight and stiff. In the last 6 months I've started coming to class more often. I've discovered that when I practice 3-4 days in a row things begin to loosen up and the practice no longer feels like "work." Rather than fighting with my body to remain in the poses, it feels like I can explore the stretches and the space they create. I always thought that yoga was like other forms of exercise where break-days were necessary. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that yoga works best when it is practiced consecutively.

Emotionally, working with Steve & Talya has helped me become skillful at handling intense situations with greater resilience. I used to suffer from social anxiety -- a condition that left me feeling isolated and fearful. I believed that every new person was threatening and judgmental and I would retreat as a safety response. I used Steve & Talya's classes as an opportunity to rewire my conditioned reaction. During my first class, I heard my brain saying that they believed I shouldn't be there, and all I wanted to do was run away. But instead of walking away, I stayed and practiced. I cried through that entire class. I kept returning over and over using every opportunity to rewrite my brain's stories until the fearful voice in my head began to change. I was seeing a therapist and that was not helping at all. However, the yoga along with my own mental processes have made a tremendous difference. Today, I am 95% healed. That feels empowering.

The classes are a 2 hour feel-good haven. When Steve & Talya tell me to pick a spot and to discover how I want that spot to feel, they are planting a "feel-good" seed in my body. That seed then amplifies throughout the class and continues to get strong even after class is over. It's so good to be able to come to a place and be able to feel good for a couple of hours!" – Yelena Koldobskaya, November 2011
Warrior of The Month: Yelena Koldobskaya
"My gym was really competitive and I used to get blisters from working out. I was ready for a change. My girlfriend Alix suggested I check out Turbodog Yoga. I started with the 10-day new student offer and liked it so much that I became a member. I've been coming to Turbodog 3-5 times a week since June and aside from it being really fun it has made a big difference on my body as well as on my life. First off, I've noticed that my posture has gotten much better -- my shoulders, a place I carry a lot of tension, are more open and my hips are slowly opening too, even though I realize that I still have a ways to go. Also, all the hand opening poses we've been doing recently have made a big difference on my creative flow. I'm a musician and I've noticed that yoga has helped me get in touch with my creativity in a new way -- I experiment more in my music, trying out new things, and it's all coming with much greater ease. I've learned that the harder I force, the less I can do. I have to try not to try :)

I am much more connected to my body now and to its signals. When I feel that my body is tense or anxious, I pause and explore what might be going on emotionally to explain the physical reaction. Uncovering the emotional issue then allows me to do something to address the situation. Or if I'm feeling emotionally upset, I check out how my body is responding to that, which allows me to stay present with what's going on and to keep my body from going into further pain.

One of the things I learned in Anne Paulson's Friday night class -- I love that class! -- which really resonated with me was that we carry things in our body, especially when we feel responsible for other people, but that we can only be responsible for ourselves. That was really groundbreaking for me, the notion that I only need to be responsible for myself. So now I take care of myself more and don't take on other people's stuff as much.

One of the ways that I take care of myself is by taking 2 hours a day that are just for me, the 2 hours that I come to yoga. It feels really healthy to me to take that time for myself, to take care of myself." – Andre Foisy, October 2011
Warrior of The Month: Andre Foisy
"When Steve and Talya told me they wanted me to be the honorary Warrior of the Month, my first reaction was something along the lines of, "You must be joking. I've only been doing Yoga for the last 5 months. And I'm still in the Intro class. I'm no warrior." But then I started to think about the things that both of them, and the other instructors at Turbodog, have been trying to teach me since my very first class. That I should be grateful for the hard work I've been putting in and how proud of myself I should be for the advances I've made in class.

I'll tell you, I was a little intimidated upon first walking in. I had spent the 12 years prior working myself to the bone, sitting in front of a computer most of the day, and not really doing much for my personal well being. I had bad knees, a sore back and felt very "out-of-shape." But what I was hearing from everyone at Turbodog was that the practice was designed exactly for my needs and that, in time, I would get stronger, more flexible (open) and most importantly, would start to feel better almost immediately. Honestly this sounded a little much to my ears at the time.

So there I am in class. My mind is reeling. Left foot back. Fold over my mat for knee support. Lean forward into lunge. Keep my tailbone tucked. Lift my ribs toward my face and the top of my head towards the sky. Press my left shin/foot into the ground. Pull my abs in. Oh, and don't forget to breathe. They say that's important. Am I doing this right? Ugh.

After those first few classes, I walked out of the studio literally drenched in sweat and was so sore the following day I could hardly walk right. I mean seriously sore! But I made a promise to be better to myself and I intended to honor it. Also, it actually felt really great to allow myself the time to do something only for me. With help of all my amazing instructors, I now am stronger. I do feel better. Much better, actually. I look better, too. And I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished in such a short time. I must say that I never imagined having a group of such caring instructors. Gia, Martha, Michelle, Anna, Stacy, and, of course, Steve and Talya, I want you all to know that I feel fortunate to have such an amazing group of teachers.

The first month I went once a week. The second month, twice a week. And now I go three times a week. I've even started taking some Level 1 classes. While I'm still not ready for the "All-Levels" class yet, I now know that I'll get there. After all, I'm not in any hurry. I've got a long road ahead and the rest of my life to improve.

So maybe I've made a few small breakthroughs. I'm trying not to be so hard on myself. (This is no easy task I can assure you!) But me? A warrior? Maybe not yet. But definitely someday. After all, every warrior needs to start somewhere, and I'm very grateful that I got my start at Turbodog." – Josh Bizar, September 2011
Warrior of The Month: Josh Bizar
"I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago and started coming to Turbodog 1 year later, just after a series of reconstructive surgeries. I'd been doing yoga for over 15 years but came to Turbodog because I wanted to develop and deepen my practice around healing and repairing myself. Coming out of a double mastectomy and then a hysterectomy, my body felt foreign to me -- I had lost parts of my body, gained new parts and nothing seemed to move or function as it used to. My chest and armpits were very constricted due to the scar tissue and it was painful as it began to stretch and open up. Rather than sitting at home and feeling sorry for myself, something I had learned long ago doesn't work, I made a commitment to come to yoga at Turbodog at least 3 times a week.

I remember when I first began coming, right after the surgery, I couldn't lift my arms nearly as much as I can today, and now there is no pain or pulling. Today, my elbows are behind my head and I can stretch my arms up towards the ceiling and towards the back of the room. On my last visit to my surgeon he was very impressed with the extent of the mobility I have acquired since my post-operative period. I have even surpassed the mobility I had prior to the surgery. What I have accomplished is beyond what I ever thought I would be able to do!

Steve and Talya were amazing at learning about what was going on with my body and then coaching me on how to use my breath to open the areas that were constricted. Talya would put her hands on my chest or press against my ribs to help me relearn how to breathe up into my chest. My breath seemed to be blocked and no energy was being allowed to circulate through the areas that needed it most. Now I feel the movement and strength of my breath enabling the energy to circulate freely in those areas that had been traumatized. This is very healing and has given me a sense of normalcy, which is what every cancer patient strives for.

Turbodog has become a safe haven for me. I can be driving towards the studio on a Wed. night after work and my head will be telling me all the reasons why I should go right by the Damen exit and head home -- "I'm so tired, so stressed etc etc", but the minute I walk into the peacefulness of the studio, my body relaxes. By the time I leave, I could care less if an atomic bomb went off. Without fail, I always feel that good! The space is bright and welcoming. I wouldn't change a thing about it. On those days when the sun streams in through the windows and caresses my face, it feeds my soul. I have scheduled my classes in my calendar so no matter what is going on, I make sure I come to class at least 3 times a week. At Turbodog, I feel cared for and truly held. I am not treated like a cancer person, which is so common in so many other situations. Rather, I am a courageous warrior and I get the space to practice fully embodying that spirit.

There have been so many breakthroughs for me. Steve and Talya are very skillful at teaching the physical elements of the poses -- but they take it further, they also teach life skills that support me on a daily basis. I am constantly applying things I learn in their classes.

For example, one of the greatest lessons I have learned and continue to develop through my practice at Turbodog is the art of waiting. When I get into a posture I can't do or struggle with, I've learned that rather than freaking out or just reacting out of fear, I wait and just focus on my breath, knowing and trusting that something will eventually open up. This has been invaluable in my journey in life -- especially with my healing process. There were so many opportunities along the way where I got close to letting it all go or reacting from fear -- hearing the diagnosis, the invasive surgeries, etc -- but instead I chose to wait -- breathe and wait, breathe and wait - and always, information would come to me that would allow me to make good decisions. This ability to hold steady has permeated my daily life and my job as a nurse. At one nursing job, giving medications was always a hectic and stressful time- exactly the time you don't want to be stressed. I developed a technique: when I had to give medications to my patients, I would always stop and take at least 3 very deep breaths in front of the medication cart, to get centered and focused. Only then would I pick out the medications I needed. This breath ritual of mine brought me into the moment with clarity in order to avoid making an error which could harm someone if I accidently grabbed the wrong medication. Being able to steady myself and breathe in various situations in my life has served me well and I am sure will continue to do so!" – Carol Griffith, August 2011
Warrior of The Month: Carol Griffith
"When I first attended a weekly yoga class at my gym several years ago, I learned to breathe deeply through challenging work assignments, healed my back-pain from a car crash, and experienced a profound sense of peace following classes.

The instructor moved to another gym and I ended up doing Core Power Yoga and various other types of exercise for a couple of years. Then I was diagnosed with a large ovarian cyst (had surgery to remove it) and Painful Bladder Syndrome. Overall, I was feeling anxious and experiencing pain in my pelvis/lower back. My doctor recommended for me to stop exercising, including any form of yoga. I, however, felt a calling back to the healing power of Yoga and was lucky to find Turbodog!

With a sense of panic about diagnoses that would potentially lead to chronic pain and no yoga for the rest of my life, I called Steve. He listened to all I had to say (a lot, I believe!) and then calmly said…. "come to class and see how you feel."

Talya recommended for me to keep a journal about my symptoms before and after classes. Within a month my pain started to subside substantially! Now, a year later, I am taking classes approximately four times a week. I view them as my nightly date with myself (smile). Classes help me gain insight into the source of my pain.  They encourage me to breathe deeply into those areas of my body that are stuck, and free them. The practice brings me a great sense of mental, physical and spiritual peace.

Of all I have learned from my yoga practice at Turbodog, there is one concept in particular I have integrated into my daily life: become aware of where I have pain, choose NOT to go into struggle and suffering, and then do something nourishing instead. If I am in a yoga pose and become aware of pain in my lower back, I have started to notice the pain rather than reacting by fighting with it. At that moment I also ask myself what is a healing action I can take.

Sometimes the answer is taking a few extra longer and deeper breaths, and sometimes it's moving into a modified version of the pose. Similarly, when in a situation in life that is painful (i.e. a difficult conversation with a loved one), I have started to pay attention to emotions such as anger and frustration that arise. I recognize them and then wonder what would allow a shift to a more healing state. Sometimes just recognizing the emotion and imagining touching it, as if with a feather, can help it dissolve and morph into a more relaxed mode." – Emma Gregory, July 2011
Warrior of The Month: Emma Gregory
"I used to have a vintage Mercedes convertible and spent a lot of time on ebay, shopping for shirts. I was part of a masters swim team. We pushed each other, but not nearly as hard as I pushed myself. One part of my mind was a riding crop; another part was a jockey; and when I swam, (or did anything, really) I flogged myself relentlessly. The nights I didn't swim, I ran on the lake, no matter how cold it was. The nights I didn't swim or run, I felt guilty. I never stretched. The Mercedes often broke. The shirts I bought rarely fit.
It took a few years, but this way of living ceased to be viable. The hot start-up I worked for went out of business. I was in a lot of pain. I rarely slept well. How could I sleep when I'd worked so hard and none of my hard work had paid off?
I first started going to yoga because I felt like I'd tried everything else. My girlfriend (now wife) Michelle often went, and she always came home feeling better. She'd just moved to Chicago and was trying out studios, trying to find her yoga home. I went with her a few times. It was okay.
Michelle finally found one of Steve's classes. I was in London on a freelance job and she was so excited she emailed me. She used a lot of exclamation marks, as is her custom. She'd found an amazing class. It kicked my ass, but I loved it! she wrote.
And Steve had a wife who also taught yoga! And they were opening a new studio!!!
When I got home I went to one of Talya's classes. It kicked my ass, but I'm not sure I loved it. People were jumping into the air and doing splits. I was sweating profusely and struggling to touch the ground with straight legs. And I couldn't flog myself forward, because the class just went on and on. There's something about holding positions that makes it clear flogging doesn't work.
I liked it enough to keep coming back, and when Turbodog opened I signed up for a membership. I used to have wars with myself. Go. Don't go. Go. Don't go. Why am I going? I don't fight those wars so much anymore. I do yoga three or four times a week now. When I'm on the road, I take a mat. I've been doing yoga for almost two years.
Why have I kept it up? I stand taller. I have less pain in my neck and shoulders. My core is stronger. I find it easier to keep weight off--even easier than when I was swimming and running every day.
I've had a lot of breakthroughs in yoga classes and on retreats. It's hard to pick one. They share certain commonalities: waves of breath rolling through the length of my body, a sense of expansiveness, an openness to possibility, the ability to hold things a little lighter. I don't know. When it's there, it's there. I know it sounds abstract. I feel like I should tell a specific story.   
I guess the story I'll share is that not too long ago, I had a job interview for a full-time position. It was a great opportunity, and I'd worked my ass off to make it happen. For my final interview, I'd have to stand up in front of twenty people, describe myself, tell my story, and explain why I should get the job. It was for a creative position, so I'd have to be creative. As a writer, I'd have to tell great stories. And be funny. And not ramble on. And breathe! I'd done enough yoga by that point to know I'd have to breathe or everything would go to hell.
I'd put a lot of time into the presentation. I'd rehearsed in front of Michelle. Still, the stakes were so high: I'd put my work up in front of everyone and they'd decide whether or not I'd get the job. I could feel the jockey and the riding crop perking up. What if I wasn't good enough? What if I didn't deserve it? What if... 
An hour before the presentation, I went for a walk around the block. It was the middle of winter and everyone was out for lunch in the loop, wearing their hats and their scarves and their puffy jackets. It was all dramatic, cold, severe. No doubt, I'd been doing a lot to make it feel that way. For some reason, I started thinking about my yoga retreats, about singing "The River Song." You know, the wishi-ta-do-ya one. 
I sang the song in my head. I sang it out loud, right there in the loop, surrounded by business people. There was something in the song itself: its exuberance, its fierceness, its build. It got all the fears and doubt to move. Singing the song reminded me I'm not afraid of taking risks, of trying things, of putting myself out there. Suddenly, I could breathe. 
Going back in and doing the presentation in that spirit was a huge victory for me. I got the job too." – David B., June 2011
Warrior of The Month: David B.
"When I was in my early 20's, I began to notice that my left shoulder constantly ached. I tried several different chiropractors and physical therapists, but nothing helped. Finally, one chiropractor discovered that I had acute scoliosis in my upper back. He warned me that my back pain would only get worse as I age and suggested that I start making yoga a regular part of my routine.
A Google search brought me to Moksha, where I discovered Steve and Talya. At first I thought of their classes as something I had to survive. Every pose was difficult and brought me into a state of panicky shallow breath. So what kept bringing me back? I loved the challenge, I loved the teaching, and I loved how I felt after class. Parts of my body that were usually locked up started to move.
I used to come to class about 2 times a week, and each class was like starting from the beginning.  I'd be sore for a few days after class.  Then, once my body recovered, I'd go back to class and begin the cycle again.
Last year, I decided to make a larger commitment to my practice. I've been coming to class about four times a week on average. This has allowed me to move beyond "survival mode" and feel how the poses are affecting my body. Now, breakthroughs are less about "big moments," like getting into handstand, and more about small shifts, like feeling how nauli breathing loosens up my lower back. I have more ownership of my practice. If something feels off, I feel inside and listen to what modification my body needs.
None of this would have been possible without the knowledge and dedication Steve and Talya have shown as teachers. Their safe, knowing adjustments and coaching have encouraged me to go deeper into my practice than I would have on my own. Thank you, Steve and Talya!"

– Cassie M., May 2011
Warrior of The Month: Cassie M.
"Not long ago, I was having a difficult time dealing with stress and change.  I had recently started a new job and was fearful that I would not succeed. My mind was chaotic and I found myself questioning my role in the world. My self confidence was low and I was ready to try something different. I thought yoga might help and I began looking for a studio that felt right.

After my first class at Turbodog I felt great!  I thought, "this will work... I will quiet my mind for a bit and get a good work-out (for a Type-A woman who was at the gym 5 times a week at 6:00 am I was initially most concerned with the quality of the work-out)."

However, after a few more classes, I quickly learned that Turbodog offers so much more than just exercise for my body... more importantly, it provides exercise for my soul!  I've been moved to tears on many occasions because of simple guidance delivered during practice that helped me execute a pose for the first time... which makes me feel both completely empowered and totally blissed out!

Prior to yoga, I worked out with a personal trainer for many, many years (2x per week).  Of course, I thought I was strong then. But Now I feel "strong" from the inside out. I am so much more flexible.  It's been amazing watching my body move into poses.  I find myself sitting straighter...standing taller... moving effortlessly through life.

Another amazing benefit is that as my body has slowly opened and strengthened, my mind has also opened and begun to remove the layers of doubt and fear. One thing that has changed dramatically is my "I can't" attitude.  Prior to yoga I would dismiss a situation or challenging task by saying "I can't do that."  Through yoga, by working through the challenging poses, I learned what I can do!  My approach to these situations has completely changed on and off the mat.  Yoga frees me from my limiting thoughts and helps me detach fromthings that really aren't important in my life!

With this yoga, I feel better than ever. I can be completely exhausted or stressed when I walk into class... but when I leave, I feel like myself, connected to myself. And to be surrounded by the other students in the wonderful Turbodog community who are feeling the same thing, I know I've found my home away from home. What a gift that is for me. Thank you Steve and Talya for doing what you do... I'm so very grateful to have found you."

– Marissa Nunez, April 2011
Warrior of The Month: Marissa Nunez
"I used to make my life decisions based on what I assumed others expected. Through studying with Steve & Talya I've discovered how to listen to my own authentic voice and how to make decisions based on my own truths."
-Kim Greeff
"I fell in 2001 and herniated 3 discs in my lumbar spine. I am a physical therapist; physical therapy and massage weren't alleviating all of my pain. Since committing to frequent Turbodog Yoga classes with Steve I have begun playing competitve tennis again, something I gave up because I could not tolerate the pain when running and twisting my spine."
-Stacey Knowles
“I started yoga at Turbodog in my 60s and it has corrected a condition that was going to require surgery… Additionally, when I began yoga at Turbodog 6 months ago I could not sit on the floor without the support of the wall. Now, not only can I sit on the floor without the wall, but I can sit up straight! It is helping me tremendously with my posture. I drive to class from the suburbs, 1 hour each way, and it is absolutely worth it!" – Linda Estrada "I have been through years of therapy, and I never made anywhere close to the progress there as I have through yoga. Once I started digging into my stuff and getting rid of the extra emotional weight I had been carrying around for years, I found I more easily lost body weight and kept it off."
-Gia Craig
"I had much trepidation about yoga because I was afraid of making my [hamstring] injury worse than it was… Steve and Talya knew how to work with injuries and modify poses to protect and even help heal my injury."
-Elizabeth Mora
"It's where i personally feel most at home to discover and be truly myself and feel inspired by the journeys of those practicing around me."
-Doreen Stelton  
"After years of not doing yoga, I took a class at Turbodog. I woke up the next morning feeling like I had had a full-body massage."
-Gina Marino
"Through practicing Yoga with Steve and Talya, I feel more confident in my own skin, and in my interactions with others. I no longer feel trapped anymore by things in my life which are less than ideal."
-Kate Tummelson
"A heart-felt thank you for the Compassionate Relationships workshop. I loved it. I have never done anything like that rewiring work. It was challenging and utterly fascinating to me. I also am enraptured by your "formula for change." Mostly, I wanted to say that I feel so nurtured by both of you, and that you both radiate a kind of love and healing energy--one that is not at all soft and mushy, but is more along the lines of challenging me to think about things in a different way. That is exactly what I need in my life. I feel blessed that I am able to spend time in your classes and workshops. I treasure it."
-Kathy Bedward

"Steve and Talya, Thank you! This weekend was incredible for me. I feel invigorated and powerful. Yes, really powerful! I feel connected to myself and those around me. I’ve always benefited from your breadth of knowledge and wisdom. And now more than ever I see the immense gifts you have to offer. You are both wise way beyond your years."
-Betsy Grimm
"Steve is a powerful and motivating teacher who helps me reach my potential during each and every class. He has a wonderful balance of strength, compassion, and insight..."
-Michelle Dougherty
"A year and a half ago I happened upon Steve Emmerman. After a single class, I knew I had found the ultimate yoga. I had practiced with many yoga teachers in my life and without hesitation I would have to say that Steve is by far the most present and connected teacher I have ever experienced. And Talya's enthusiasm and playfulness shine from within and are inspiring. Her adjustments are intuitive and I can feel her whole-heartedness."
-Donna Der
"The first yoga class I took was with Steve. What I didn't know at the time was how much that class would change my life. Steve and Talya are both wonderful teachers, and I gain something unique from each of their classes. I cannot stress enough what a positive influence they have both had in my life and how grateful I am to know them and participate in their classes."
-Jennifer Blagg
"We wanted to let you know how grateful we are to have you as a teacher. Every time we come to your class you help us understand the strength we have within. Thank you for your guidance in developing our practice into an important part of our daily lives."
-Nan & Thomas
"Talya is more than just my yoga teacher, she is my partner on my healing journey from breast cancer. With her support I have gained physical and mental strength. Talya is very gifted."
-Annie Bork
"As far as I understand, this Yoga is about moving beyond one's comfort zone and habitual limitations, sometimes through crisis and panic, into deep reserves of physical, emotional, and spiritual power. Steve guides us through that with clarity, a steady calm voice, and a fantastic sense of humor. He provides an amazing and rare level of care, which gives rise to a space in which people practice with great respect for themselves and each other. The class kicks ass."
-Leslie Buxbaum
"A friend brought me to Steve's class, and I soon found Talya. It truly felt like a door opened to a world of healing that I didn't know existed. Peace of mind and strength in my body were just the beginning of what I found in their classes. I have caught sight of a vastness inside me that is a beautiful, endless, great mystery, and every day I cultivate courage to go inside of it and get to know who I really am. These gifts that Steve Emmerman & Talya Ring have given me through their teaching are among the things I cherish most in life."
-Martha Gaines

"Before I began teaching, I had a corporate job in publishing / advertising; my life was competitive and stress filled. I was sick frequently and my body was often injured and in pain. When I began practicing yoga, dramatic changes happened: my ankles and wrists healed, my daily headaches disappeared, and I learned to feel parts of myself that had been numb for a long time."
-Anne Paulson
"I started practicing yoga with Steve Emmerman just after I turned 50, about ten years ago. Now that I am about to turn 60, I can hardly believe my rocketing self-confidence, my continuous energy, and most important, my sense of control: I say where I am going and I am designing my future. But it wasn't always this way. I can still see myself, so many years ago, trudging to the train on my way to work shouldering a heavy, book-filled leather backpack feeling a constant grinding pain. This pain was nothing new; I'd felt it all my life--my mother will tell you that AnnMerle always had a headache. This incessant neck and shoulder pain emanated from inner fears and anxieties that never left my body. I didn't need a backpack to ensure that my shoulders would be hunched forward; my non-stop worries took root in my chest, clamping down my ability to breathe and contributing, in turn, to chronic bronchitis and a series of other ailments. I began to unwind this cruel set of constraints the moment I stepped into Steve Emmerman's yoga class nearly a decade ago. First, I felt my abs. Bingo! Hello! Then, I learned how to breath in juicy, hydrating breaths. Soon I could use my breath to get through difficult moments (which my children really appreciated!). This amazing yoga practice is actually making me younger, happier, more energetic, more focused on my goals and aspirations. I feel now, like I'm the 50 (or maybe even 40!) year old I wanted to be back then. It's not just that I can do a handstand now; it's that I've recognized and shed the fear that kept me from doing handstand and lots of other things as well."
-AnnMerle Feldman
"This community is so important to me because we value integrity, and for both myself and my students, that quality of community is a rare and precious gift. As for my own journey, I have healed so much through my yoga practice! I had a bunch of athletic injuries, like tendonitis for example, which are now completely gone. I have also enjoyed some deeper gifts like a release in my jaw and face muscles, which I had been seeking for years, through learning to speak my truth. I developed the ability to feel by using my breath to clear out the cobwebs in my heart and to clear out the gunk in my gut, allowing me to feel into my pelvis. Once I was able to connect to feeling, I could feel my Spirit coming home. My yoga practice has become a ceremony that nourishes my Spirit!"
-Michele Blouin-Vinezeano
"After practicing yoga for many years within my comfort zone, I came to Steve & Talya and had my world turned quite literally upside down...I love the challenge of Turbodog Yoga—how it makes me feel stronger and more alive. It has changed my practice completely, and has made me consciously move out of my comfort zone and into that fun place where potential is explored. I was challenged to do things that I thought were absolutely impossible, and this process of constantly redefining and expanding my potential has had a huge impact on my life. I am constantly amazed by how the this practice has made me stronger in every possible way, and feel blessed to be part of such a vibrant community of practitioners."
-Sharon Burdett

"I had herniated my L5/S1 disc which created incredible stiffness in my hips.  I would get tight and sore just sitting at work. I've started practicing three times a week and I no longer have that pain. My posture is better and I feel stronger."

- Beth Sandon