Isn't it time?

A 6-week audio program that combines yoga classes, energy exercises and on-line support to help you change the way you feel about your body. Almost everyone has at least one place in their body they hate and that they wish was different. The common “misbelief” is that if this physical body part looked more perfect, or felt more perfect, then _______ [fill in the blank]. Our self-esteem, our self-love and our “enoughness,” in other words, how good we feel about ourselves, is connected to your perception of how this part of you looks.

This program will liberate you from constantly judging yourself and will free you to see your true worth. In addition, although it is not the primary focus of this program, you will become more toned and strong from a regular yoga practice.

How the program works:
Included in your purchase are six 2-hour Turbodog Yoga audio sessions, each containing yoga practices as well as energy exercises, designed to repattern the belief that is currently governing this relationship with your body. Accompanying each session is a pdf booklet containing photographs of all the yoga poses to help you follow along easily. When you purchase this program you also automatically get invited to join a private Facebook group where you can post any questions, share your successes and receive the on-going support you need to make this truly transformational change.

The more frequently you practice, the better and faster you will see results. This program is designed such that you can choose to follow a three-sessions-per-week schedule or a four-sessions-per-week schedule, depending on your level of commitment and time availability. However, the program is flexible, and you are welcome to work at your own pace. To make it easy to follow, we have included step-by-step instructions on how to use the classes, regardless of which schedule you choose.

Even if you are a yoga novice, you will be able to follow this program. We provide various options for the different poses, allowing you to decide what level is appropriate for you.

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Purchase the entire life-altering 6-week program now and start transforming your relationship with your body.
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Purchase one 1.5hr session to get a taste of what the full program is like. $25

Want to test the waters with just a toe?
Listen to a free introductory session.  While this session does not contain a complete Turbodog Yoga practice like the others, it is a good place to start if you’re wanting to assess whether this work is for you.